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The first of its kind online coaching and tutoring app.

Sterkla connects you to a world of coaches and tutors in ways never before possible, making coaching and tutoring accessible, flexible and mobile.  Our mission is to make coaching and tutoring accessible to everyone on the planet, to fulfill our purpose of helping awaken the world!

Online coaching and tutoring app

In the highly complex and dynamic times in which we are living, we need help on demand. Sterkla enables you to connect and engage with coaches and tutors simply and socially, wherever you choose. Fitting into your lifestyle.

We all need a helping hand in many different areas of life – now that helping hand is just a few taps away.  With many different coaching and tutoring categories to choose from, finding the right support, in the area you need it, has never been easier. Simply tapping “Book a Video Call” connects you with your coach or tutor of choice.

It’s our belief that chemistry between your coach or tutor and yourself is as important as their skills. We offer 90 minutes of FREE coaching or tutoring when you register, so you can find just the right ones for you.  

Sterkla infuses social networking to coaching and tutoring with a post feed where you can follow, learn and engage with coaches and tutors of your choice. Take the opportunity to dive deeper by exploring our growing library of Quick Courses, created by your favourite coaches and tutors.

Get 90 minutes of FREE coaching or tutoring when you register for FREE!

Sterkla - online coaching app
Sterkla - online coaching app