Sterkla - online coaching app

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Sterkla is an innovative online coaching app that connects you to a world of coaches and makes coaching accessible, flexible and mobile.  Our mission is to make coaching accessible to everyone on the planet, in order to fulfill our purpose of helping awaken the world!

We know that life is complex and challenging, and sometimes you need a little helping hand but can’t always afford the time. Well, no more wasting precious time travelling to coaching sessions, now you can search and find just the right coach for you, from life coaches to fitness coaches, from financial coaches to parenting coaches and many more. Enjoy personal coaching right from the Sterkla coaching app, whether you at the office, home, airport or taxi ride, you can have online coaching via live video calling.

We believe that everyone needs a coach, in many different areas of life, but understand that you don’t always know where to begin finding one.  With Sterkla you can search for coaches, filter your search, view their profile and check their ratings and reviews, all from within the app, before easily finding just the right coach for you.

If you are not yet ready to dive into coaching, no problem, download the Sterkla coaching app and browse our library of Quick Courses, and begin learning from coaches in your area of interest.  Quick Courses are online courses that deliver focused learning. We know that it’s hard to find big chunks of time, yet you know continuous learning is imperative in today’s fast changing world.  Our Quick Course deliver the learning in smaller chunks, making it easier for you to learn on the go and fit your learning into even the busiest day.

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Sterkla - online coaching app

Sterkla - online coaching app