Transforming coaching as
Transforming coaching as you know it
you know it

A Marketplace for Coaching

A safe space to connect and engage with the perfect coach and find the support you need. Courses on a variety of topics created by professionals and delivered online.

My Courses

Blending live coaching and online learning into a journey of personal growth.

Fully Integrated Learning Tool

Chat to coaches in app via message, set-up live 1×1 video calls with shared screen and share documents

Socially Integrated

More than just coaching, Sterkla integrates social activity with a coach feed to inform & inspire.

Full Management in App

Coaches: Attract clients; Schedule appointments; set-up & execute video calls; keep client history with voice and text notes; share documents and manage billing all on Sterkla.

Building a connection with a coach is key to a successful relationship

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App Review

A revolution in your pocket

See amazing potential in this app. Sterkla offers a world of coaching across every facet of your life within a single easy-to-use app. Via a painless registration process taking a few minutes I was able to sign up and access a customized list of coaches offering regular updates, quick courses and an ability to manage bookings. While coaching is not new, I believe it is currently horribly underutilised from both a personal - and business perspective in SA. This could well be the bridge that drives a revolution in accessing critical coaching that can make a real difference in lives and careers. Looking forward to the journey…

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App Review

Great App, even better concept

In a day filled with everything and anything, it’s quite easy to find oneself swept away by all the noise and busyness. Moreover, personal and professional needs one has often changes from time to time. Sterkla makes identifying and connecting with the right coach for you - at the right time - a whole lot easier. You keep control of whom you connect with , and develop a very personal relationship too. Fantastic platform and concept!

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App Review

Beautiful design with every feature

I registered a week ago and I’ve had time to have a look at everything the app offers. Simpy put it’s a professional scheduler, hosting platform, social networking and e-course selling/marketing platform. Pretty much everything I need to get started on my online coaching.

Lolo Ntshiqa

App Review

My Review

Love being part of this initiative - the way of the future. I’m so grateful that the development team is so visionary and understand the need for connection and support in the fast paced civilization in which we live.


App Review

What a great idea! especially in these times

Mike Papageorge

App Review

Awesome application for the students. Need continuous upgradation 😊

Mani K Chettri

App Review

I have found the Sterkla app to be very accessible and easy to navigate. It offers so much in all areas of coaching. I wish them every success.

Natasha Alexander

App Review

Awesome app - a professional coach that you choose, is available to you to support you in your journey - whatever your quest might be.

Geraldine Farinha-Ferreira

App Review

With this app now every one can share their knowledge and most importantly it becomes easy for students to find best coach for them. And it's so easy to get the required knowledge through this smooth platform.. well done sterkla team.. Thank you so much for making people's life easy..

Harjot Kaur

App Review

Great app with great functionality. A excellent platform for one's coaching needs.

Andrew Aubrey
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