Practicing Faith

Faith is something that is spoken about a lot, especially in times of difficulty. And while it is often spoken of in a religious context, it is not an exclusively religious concept.

But HOW do you have faith?? Seldom do people tell you how to practice and strengthen your faith. This is a question that I toiled with for a long time, until I fully understood the practice of FAITH. In this video, I lead you through a technique that you can apply to practice and strengthen your FAITH.

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Stop controlling and be more in control

In the current global crisis we have an amazing opportunity to look inward to the real source of our control. With the dramatic slow down of our world, we can now no longer use the busyness of life to distract ourselves from facing our pressing need to grow spiritually. Now we have to face the reality that nothing in our outer world has ever been certain, and that the only certainty and control we have, and have ever had, is within.

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Do you want more confidence when speaking in public?

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