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Emerging Trend: From Employees to Independent Contractors

More and more companies are reducing the number of their employees, this has been happening slowly for many years, but now it is accelerating. The benefit of this is that with smaller core teams businesses will be much more agile and be able to pivot fast. The benefit of this to employees is that you can now choose your niche’ and position yourself as an absolute specialist, and build and own your own brand.

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Emerging Trend: From Perfectionism (Waterfall) to Experimentation (Agile)

Because of the complexity and unpredictability of our world, we need to embrace experimentation. This means letting go of a perfectionist mindset and thus, we can no longer design, create or build the perfect product or service before putting it out into the marketplace. You need to get comfortable creating an imperfect minimum viable product (MVP) or service, get it into the marketplace fast, then stay connected to your customers, actively seeking their feedback and then iterate quickly and continuously to improve the product or service with the aim of better meeting your customers needs.

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The value of coaches and mentors

At a recent seminar focussed on women in leadership, the consensus was reached that most successful women rate having a mentor very high in the battle to reach the top. This raises the question: just how many of these mentors were women?

According to the American Psychological Association women do make very good mentors but the unfortunate fact is that there are not very many around. “The women in leadership roles, and who also have family responsibilities, are the psychologists many female students want to emulate,” says Carol Williams, former chair of the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS). 

In general, those with the most to give in the form of experience and guidance also seem to be those who have the least time to mentor.

One of the most difficult parts of the coaching/mentoring relationship is finding the right person. First, you have to know what you need. Career guru Richard Bolles suggests making a detailed list of what it takes to succeed in your chosen profession–knowledge, skills (both technical and managerial), personality traits and experience and then list what you already have. This is a simple gap analysis and with help you with your personal development plan too!

Now look for a person who has the attributes you are lacking or feel you have room for improvement in and go after that person as a mentor. That formula however assumes there is a large pool to choose from, which often is not the case. For this reason, your mentor may be a network of mentors rather than a single person.

There are many reasons to have a mentor in your career (and personal life), here are 3:

1. A MENTOR LEADS THE WAY. Often, because they have been there already. 

2. A MENTOR SEES OUR POTENTIAL. Because they no longer feel the need to prove themselves at the expense of thither, they are quick to point your potential out to you

3. A MENTOR ISN’T AFRAID TO ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS. They have been through it before and know that you need to be honest with yourself!

What is the Difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

There are many different definitions, but what is most important is to realise you will need both during you career and lifetime. 

Coaching is focused on an organisation’s key assets – its people – both as individuals and as team members. A coach works with you, using your key performance indicators/technical skills. The focus is on the skill needed to perform your job better. 

A mentor suggests how you hone your business skills and performance, offers solutions and gives analysis and input on how to improve your business acumen. A mentor will bring their own substantial career track record to the table and will utilise this to when discussing good businesses strategy and practice.

You do not always have to do things on your own! Asking someone to be a short-term coach or mentor could bring you so much closer to your career and relationship goals!

By Gizelle McIntyre

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Emerging Trend: From Product to Information

There is a shift from the value being in the product or service, to the value being in the information. Products and services are becoming increasingly commoditized, and digitization and information is where the exponential value is. How can you begin to rethink and re-position your value proposition towards digitization and information?

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Emerging Trend: From Routine Work to Creative Work

With the now rapid emergence of AI and machine learning, the value is shifting towards human creativity, since robots and machines will take over routined work. How and where can you automate routined work in your business and channel your focus towards maximizing and monetizing creative work? Here is how to unlock your creativity.

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Emerging Trend: From Profit to Purpose

More and more people are beginning to search for deeper meaning in their life and work, something that gives them a sense of purpose. Hence, companies that want to remain relevant in the new economy will need to do some soul searching into the real motivational drivers behind their actions and decisions, and re-look at their priorities. They will need to begin sincerely understanding their purpose and the positive impact that they want to make on the world, then make sure they prioritize this above a profit only focus.

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Emerging Trend – From Competition to Collaboration

As we shift from the generalist to the specialist, collaboration becomes vital. In an age where industries are converging we need to keep an open mind to how we could meaningfully collaborate with people and companies we have historically categorised as our competitors. And, in some cases we need to think about how we can collaborate with people and companies outside of our industry to bring about new innovative products and services.

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