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If you are certified or qualified to teach or coach in your chosen field, then this platform is for you.

Sterkla covers 19 different coaching categories From life, financial, health and wellness, relationship, to business and many more.

The platform connects you with clients who want your coaching. It allows clients to easily search and find you and then follow and engage with your posts, buy your online courses (Quick Courses) and connect with you via paid live video calling, all from within the app (or web). The Quick Courses and video calling are all billed directly to the client’s credit card via our payment gateway powered by Stripe, so no need for you to worry about billing.  

As a coach you can create Quick Courses, which members can purchase, allowing them to learn from your expertise, and giving you the opportunity to build your credibility and following, as well as giving you another revenue stream. 

A rating system between coach and client will help you to establish yourself as a top rated coach in your chosen area. This rating system is designed to encourage good quality coaching.  

Often we find that coaches struggle to find new clients, or at best don’t enjoy the selling part of the job.  Sterkla connects clients with coaches across the globe, relieving you of the need to have to find clients, while helping you to reach a broader audience. In addition to this we handle all the billing for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

No contracts, No registration fees, No monthly fees!  Only pay when you coach (Keep 75% of your coaching fee, and keep 100%-5% transaction fee when you invite and coach your existing clients).

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