How do members book appointments with me?

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CLICK HERE to have a look at this help file and see the different ways members can book appointments with you.

When a member requests an appointment with you, you will receive a notification in the app, along with an email notifying you of this request. You will need to respond to this request by either “Accepting” or “Rejecting” it. You can do this by either tapping on the in app notification or by tapping on the “Sterkla” button (if you are also registered as a member, make sure to switch to “Coach or Tutor” from the burger menu)…

Then selecting “Pending Appointment” where you will see the appointment request.

If you choose to reject the appointment request, you will be prompted to give a reason. The member will then be notified as to why you rejected it. If you accept the appointment, it is considered confirmed, and will move from the “Pending Appointments” screen to the “Appointments” screen. If you for any reason need to cancel a confirmed appointment, you can tap on the “Cancel” button after which you will be prompted to give a reason.

Shortly before the start time of a confirmed appointment, the “Cancel” button will be replaced with a green video call button. Both you and the member have the option to initiate the video call, by tapping this button.

To end the video call simply tap the red “End Call” button.