Blocking a Coach

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To help prevent unsolicited contact from coaches, the only way they can contact you is if you message them, follow them, follow their category, request an appointment with them or enroll in their course. However, if you still need to block a coach, you can do this by navigating to their profile then tapping on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen…

Then tap “Block“…

You will then see the “Message” button change to “Unblock”. By blocking a coach it will prevent them from messaging you. At any stage you can unblock them, simply by tapping “Unblock”. When you block a coach, they will not know they have been blocked by you, their messages will simply not deliver to you.

Please help us keep other members safe, by emailing to report any abusive behaviour that could negatively effect others on the platform. We will then look into this and if deemed necessary, we will block them from the platform.

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