Can I share my screen during a video call?

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Yes. You can only share your screen from the web app, but it is viewable to the other user on the mobile app or web app.

To share your screen you will need to log into the web app and initiate the call from the appointment section (See
Can I have the video call from my laptop?

If you are registered as both a member and a coach, please ensure you switch to the correct environment in the app to locate the current appointment – “Switch to Member” or “Switch to Coach” from the top menu bar.

Then locate the current appointment and click on the green video call button.

Once you have Joined the Meeting Room, click on the button with the two overlapping squares to share your screen.

Choose what you want to share – a screen, document or browser tab…

Click “Share” and your screen will now be shared with the other users.

NB! Please note that while you are sharing your screen, the other user will not be able to see you, they will only see your screen.

To hide the on-screen buttons and small video feed during a video call / screen share, simply tap / click anywhere on the screen once to hide them and again to unhide them.

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