How do I create a Course?

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To create a Course, you will need to login to the web app, then click “Switch to Coach”…

Then click on “Courses”…

You can then click on the “+” add new course button to access the Course Wizard.

If you have started creating a Course, you will find it under “Drafts”. If you have submitted your course for review, you will see it under “pending Approval”. And you will see any live courses under “My Live Courses”.

First edit your course Overview page…

Make sure you upload a course image that is in the ratio of 16:9

Then click “Next” to “Add Content” to your course. You will have the option to include “Image & Text”, Video & Text”, “Live Coaching” or “PDF Document” content to your course. You can re-order your content bits by clicking and dragging them to the correct place.

Once you have finished creating your Course, you can click “Submit for Review”, we will review your submitted course and once it has been approved, you will be notified that it has been published on the Sterkla platform.

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