What is a Quick Course?

What is a Quick Course?

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In today’s fast paced and faced changing world, we believe that everyone needs to be constantly learning and growing. And so, we created the Quick Course feature on Sterkla. Simply put, Quick Courses are short online course that focus on a very specific topic, rather than a very broad focus. If you have a big topic to cover, rather break it into small focused subtopics, making each subtopic its own Quick Course. This way you give members the choice on exactly what they want to learn, while keeping the price for each Quick Course low.

For example…

If you are a parenting coach, you may decide to create a quick course on “How to set clear boundaries with teenagers”. These topics immediately tell members exactly what the course is going to target. As opposed to “How to parent teenagers”

The key is to share your knowledge by producing it into a Quick Course, giving you another revenue stream, while at the same time showcasing you expertise as a coach.

It is a good idea to share at least one FREE Quick Course, which members can use to get a feel for the value you offer, after-which they will be much more likely to purchase one of your paid Quick Courses.

Members can try 15% of any Quick Course for FREE, so keep this in mind when you are creating your course. You want to make sure that you demonstrate the value of your course well enough in the first 15% so that they want to purchase the full course.

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