How do I book an appointment with a coach or tutor?

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You can book an appointment with a coach or tutor by first tapping on the middle “Sterkla” button, as shown below…

Then either tapping the “+” Add Appointment button under appointments, choosing a coach or tutor and tapping “Book”…

or by searching for a coach or tutor (see “Search, sort & filters” article) and tapping “Book a Video Call” button on their profile screen…

Can can also tap the “Book a video call with…” button on each of the posts in your feed. By tapping on this button your will be able to book an appointment with the coach or tutor who’s post it is.

You will then see a pop up asking you to select appointment duration, as shown below. You can choose 15 mins for a quick connect or chemistry exploratory session or 60 mins for a more in depth session.

You will then see the coach or tutor’s availability. Select your preferred time and tap “Confirm Time”.

You will then be shown an appointment summary confirmation screen, which will indicate the chosen date and time and cost of the appointment. If you have available “Free Minutes”, these will be subtracted from appointment cost.

If there is an amount due, you will be taken through our secure payment gateway powered by Stripe, and asked to enter you credit card details. Sterkla does not store you credit card details, they are securely stored by Stripe.

You can view your pending appointment request under the Appointments screen. It will carry a “Pending” tag until the Coach or tutor has accepted it.

If for some reason they cannot make this time, you will receive a rejected appointment notification with the reason for the rejection.

If your appointment is accepted by the coach or tutor, you will see the “Pending” tag will change to a “Accepted” tag. Then 10-15 mins before the appointment is due to begin, the “Cancel” button will change to a Green “Join Meeting Room”” button…

To join the meeting room and have the video call simply tap the green “Join Meeting Room” button.