How do I purchase a Course?

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Once you have found a course that you would like to purchase, (check these Help files if you stuck Finding the right coach or course and
Try any Course for FREE), open the course and tap the “Purchase” button.

You will have two payment options

  • Pay in Full, which will unlock the entire course with one payment.
  • Pay in 4 Installments, which will unlock 1/4 of the course with each payment. You will only be prompted to pay the next installment when you have completed the content you unlocked with the previous payment.

Once you have Enrolled in the Course, you will be able to find by tapping the “Library” button and looking under “My Courses“.

To purchase a course using our web application simply navigate to and click the Login/Register button.

Find the course you want to purchase from the “Discover” page, click the “Purchase Course” button from the course landing page, and choose your preferred payment option.

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