Sync Google Calendar with Apple Calendar

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Sterkla allows you to synchronize with your Google calendar so that events in your Google calendar automatically show these time slots as unavailable to members.

If you do not use Google calendar, you can simply register a free Google calendar account and follow the below instructions to synchronize it with Apple calendar. This way, what you add to your Apple calendar will sync to your Google calendar and then with Sterkla.

Follow the below steps, to add your Google Calendar events to Apple Calendar and have them synchronize automatically:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings Password & Accounts.

2. Tap Add Account.

Add Account button in iPad Settings app

3. Choose Google.

Google logo in Add Account screen in iOS Settings

4. Sign in to your Google account. Tap the Create account link to create a new Google account.The Google Accounts login screen requests your username and password on separate pages. If you set up two-factor authentication for your Google account, enter the response code.

5. Turn on the Calendars toggle switch to enable sync with your iPhone or iPad.

6. Then, tap Save to continue.

Calendars option in Gmail settings on iPad toggle to ON

NB: A large calendar may take a few minutes to sync.

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