Opting in/out of offering FREE appointments to new members

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Sterkla offers new member 90 minutes of FREE coaching / tutoring. This is to give them a risk free opportunity to experience the platform as well as some chosen coaches / tutors. Members can use their free minutes to book an appointment with you which can used as “chemistry session”. Members have 30 days in which to use their free minutes before they expire.

When you receive an appointment request that is free, it will carry a “Free” tag, so you will always know.

This offer is completely optional and you have the option to opt in or opt out. The benefit of opting in, is that you have more opportunity of gaining new clients.

You can opt in / out by switching this on or off in the Coach / Tutor Settings. Make sure you have “Switched to Coach / Tutor” then tap “Settings” to access this feature…