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You can “TRY A SAMPLE” – 15% of any Course for FREE. This is to help you get a feel for the value you are likely to get from it. To “TRY A SAMPLE“, simply search for the course your want to try...

Tap on the “Discover” button…

Then take a look at this Help File if you are not sure how to search for a course.

Once you have found a Course you would like to try, simply tap on it to learn more about the course as well as view the content menu of the course.

Here you can tap “TRY A SAMPLE“, this will unlock 15% of the course content. If a Live Coaching appointment falls within the first 15% of the course, you will not be allowed to book an appointment with the coach until you have paid and enrolled in the course.

To Try a course using our web application simply navigate to and click the Login/Register button.

Search for the course you want to Try (check out this Help File if you stuck). Then Click “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” from the course landing page.

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