What is unique about Sterkla Courses?

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Our course feature is the first of its kind – innovatively blending online learning with live coaching.

To many people coaching can seem intangible and hard to define, so we have created our course feature to make coaching more understandable and outcomes focused. We know that people don’t hire a coach for the sake of having coaching, but rather to achieve certain outcomes or objectives, be it a goal or to overcome a challenge.

Our courses focus around your areas of passion and are designed to lead members on a journey from where they are to where they want to be, based on the defined outcomes of the your course. We have blended online learning with live coaching – the online learning content helps members to build awareness of what they don’t know, and the live coaching allows you the opportunity to help them apply and integrate new skills, qualities and behaviours etc.

From the start members will have complete clarity about the course goals and outcomes, the exact process and structure, the content and number of coaching sessions it includes, and how much it will cost them. This all helps to simplify their decision to invest in your coaching process (course).

Members can try 15% of any Course for FREE. We also offer payment options, so if they don’t want to pay in full upfront, you can choose to pay in 4 installments at your own pace.

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