What should I post?

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View the posts as another form of coaching or tutoring.

  • Always use text on your post, even if it’s one line.
  • Be sure to lay out the text of your post clearly, with paragraph breaks and punctuation so it’s easy to read.
  • Be focused in your messaging – giving readers something of value that encourages them to follow and engage with you.
  • Calls to action (CTA) are great ways to encourage comments.
  • Keep it simple, engaging and related to the coaching you do.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s…

Teach members somethingPost quote of the day
Share useful tools, methods or strategiesFacebook type “status updates”
Share personal and or success storiesNegativity
Give members a new perspective on somethingAbusive or Offensive Content
Challenging questions that stimulate thoughtNegativity
Positive posts that help members grow and learnConfidential Client Information
How to posts…Very “salesy” promotional content