Our Mission

We are on a mission to make coaching accessible to every person on the planet, and so create a global movement of conscious awakening.  We believe that every single person has their own unique gift, but often this gift is smothered under layers of limiting conditioning or are diamonds in the rough.  When people are educated to understand and appreciate their unique brilliance, they are more motivated and inspired to break through limitations, overcome their greatest challenges and live a life of purpose and meaning.

For too long coaching has only been accessible to the select few, and to the rest, an inaccessible luxury.  To change the world, we need to change this. By collaborating with coaches who share our mission, we believe we will achieve this and so have a massive influence on the awakening and actualizing of individual and collective genius.

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Meaning of Sterkla

Sterkla, (pronounced Stir-kler), is a derivative and blend between the Norwegian word for strength – Styrke and the Zulu word for strength – Amandla.  Gavin and Rex Lund, the co-founders of Sterkla, are of Norwegian decent and spent their childhood in the Southern Drakensberg (South Africa) growing up with the Zulu’s.  Sterkla is a platform to help you strengthen all areas of your life.

Lund, meaning a grove of trees, carries additional meaning for us.  Just like a seed contains everything it needs to grow into a tall tree, we too contain everything we need to grow into the fullest expression of our greatest purpose.

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