Emerging Trend: From Perfectionism (Waterfall) to Experimentation (Agile)

Because of the complexity and unpredictability of our world, we need to embrace experimentation. This means letting go of a perfectionist mindset and thus, we can no longer design, create or build the perfect product or service before putting it out into the marketplace. You need to get comfortable creating an imperfect minimum viable product (MVP) or service, get it into the marketplace fast, then stay connected to your customers, actively seeking their feedback and then iterate quickly and continuously to improve the product or service with the aim of better meeting your customers needs.

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Emerging Trend: From Product to Information

There is a shift from the value being in the product or service, to the value being in the information. Products and services are becoming increasingly commoditized, and digitization and information is where the exponential value is. How can you begin to rethink and re-position your value proposition towards digitization and information?

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Emerging Trend: From Routine Work to Creative Work

With the now rapid emergence of AI and machine learning, the value is shifting towards human creativity, since robots and machines will take over routined work. How and where can you automate routined work in your business and channel your focus towards maximizing and monetizing creative work? Here is how to unlock your creativity.

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Emerging Trend: From Profit to Purpose

More and more people are beginning to search for deeper meaning in their life and work, something that gives them a sense of purpose. Hence, companies that want to remain relevant in the new economy will need to do some soul searching into the real motivational drivers behind their actions and decisions, and re-look at their priorities. They will need to begin sincerely understanding their purpose and the positive impact that they want to make on the world, then make sure they prioritize this above a profit only focus.

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Emerging Trend – From Competition to Collaboration

As we shift from the generalist to the specialist, collaboration becomes vital. In an age where industries are converging we need to keep an open mind to how we could meaningfully collaborate with people and companies we have historically categorised as our competitors. And, in some cases we need to think about how we can collaborate with people and companies outside of our industry to bring about new innovative products and services.

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