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Online tutoring launching soon on Sterkla

If you are a certified or qualified tutor, Sterkla will soon be launching online tutoring in the following broad categories…

  • Languages
  • Math
  • Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Business Studies

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Sterkla is a marketplace that connects you with students who want your Tutoring.

On opening the app or web portal, students are easily able to:

  • Search and find you
  • Follow you and your posts
  • Buy your online courses (Quick Courses)
  • Engage with you via paid live-video calling

How does billing work?

We take the hassle out of billing admin for you. Quick Courses and video call costs are deducted from the student’s credit card via our payment gateway.

What is a Quick Course?

As a Tutor you can create a second revenue stream through Quick Courses, which members can purchase. This allows students to learn from your expertise while giving you the opportunity to build your credibility and following.

How do I Build a Following?

A rating system between Tutor and Student will help you to establish yourself as a top rated tutor in your chosen field of expertise. This rating system is designed to encourage good quality tutoring.

 No contracts, No registration fees, No monthly fees!

Only pay when you tutor. Keep 75% of your tutoring fee, and keep 100%-5% transaction fee when you invite and tutor your existing clients.